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Acid Alkaline Diet: Why Is It Considered Capable Of Providing Optimum Health

June 2, 2011

People are in constant search for ways to lose weight but not all are successful in doing so. The number of diet programs available right now is confusing and not all diet processes are easy to understand. Even doctors find themselves confused in determining the best diet program to give their patients. Many have tried to figure out the best diet plan for themselves but most of them failed leaving them frustrated.  That is why it is important to discover why the alkaline diet is considered as a possible source of optimum health. Only by doing so can we truly assess whether alkaline foods are sufficient in giving us good health.

Alkaline Foods
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The alkaline diet aims to make the body more alkaline than acidic. These two extreme body conditions determine how our body reacts to different health situations. And between the two, an alkaline body is more desirable than an acidic one. Alkaline foods make our body more alkaline so its important to ensure that our intake of food consists more alkaline. We can determine whether the food is alkaline or acidic by its taste as well as through its PH scale.

The alkaline foods (see Alkaline Foods List here) are a source of calcium, magnesium and potassium. These are called alkaline minerals. Acidic foods, on the other hand, provide us with sulfur, phosphorus and iodine. A good amount of these can be beneficial to our bodies but once the amount is more than what we actually need, our body will have a hard time removing these acidic components in our system. These are excreted as urine and sweat. However, not all acid in our body gets released once it is taken in. They remain inside our system and may cause our bodies to be less immune to sickness. We often take in more acid than we actually need since there are several types of food that we generally take in good amounts without knowledge that such foods are acidic. Milk and sugar are just some of them. You might think that taking in an apple cider vinegar can be detrimental to us thinking that it is acidic, but it is not. It has alkaline effects which is beneficial to our body.

An alkaline diet improves digestion. If your digestion is great, you have a better chance of having a healthier body. You can even loss weight during the process of maintaining an alkaline diet. So if you get to maintain the most appropriate weight for your age, height and gender then you are on your optimum health. You will also experience lesser joint pains and may gain more energy for your daily activities. With these benefits in mind, I’m sure you are on your way to ensuring that your diet will result to an alkaline body.

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