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List of Foods that are Alkaline: For Your Healthy Consumption

June 13, 2011

A lot of people are eating alkaline foods which are known to be beneficial to one’s health. This intense motivation of becoming healthy had led many people to invest on the right foods, dietary programs, medicines and the like. Alkaline is said to be a solution that contains fewer hydrogen atoms than pure water. It is best known to be associated to reduce heart diseases. Aside from these, the right alkaline balance will determine good health that’s why there are many scientists who intentionally researchers the health benefits that alkaline can provide.

Indeed, there are many people who deliberately have problems with their health and this issue continues to aggravate if you will continue to overlook at these problems. Prevention is better than cure as they always say. Many doctors have provided several tips and medications to achieve a healthy body and one of these is eating foods that are alkaline. Alkaline has been proven that when you eat 80% of alkalizing food you will likely eliminate the production of excess acid in your body, which helps to achieve weight loss, increase stamina and strength, stronger immune system, mental clarity and a healthy body. Because of the benefits of alkaline to our body, many researches provided helpful tips in order to meet with the needs of the basic consumer in regards with maintaining a healthy diet.

Today, the consumption of alkaline foods is becoming popular and has obtained a lot of recommendation from reputable doctors. Many doctors have provided some list of foods that are alkaline and divided it into two categories: high alkaline and low alkaline. Foods with high alkaline are onions, garlic, lemons, watermelon, limes, mangoes, papayas, herb teas while carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, tofu, bananas, avocados, oranges, milk and coconut are low alkaline foods.

Alkaline foods are always available in the market for your daily consumptions, these foods won’t do any harm in your body but too much of everything is never good. Always remember to consult your doctor for better medication and advice. When it comes to health, you should make a wise investment to your body, you need not to take out a lot of money from your pocket. These foods are affordable and pocket friendly since they are just easy to find in every market.

One of the problems that lead to poor health is lack of discipline and love for our self. If you love yourself you will definitely take good care of your body and should discipline yourself for a healthy lifestyle. Avoid foods that will hinder you from having a beautiful and healthy body. You can make yourself beautiful and young by helping yourself first, remember that what you eat will reflect who you are going to be.

With the help of science and technology, everything seems to be easy. Because of this, human development are on its peak to establishing a community that’s main goal is to provide wellness. If you want to live right, start with the eating the right foods and at the same time with the right attitude and see for yourself the benefits of this Alkaline food list to your body.


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