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Alkaline Food List: Make Your Cells Healthier and Live Longer

August 12, 2011

To understand more why we have to strictly adhere to a healthy alkaline food diet, we have to understand the basic unit of life – the cell. Our cells takes in oxygen, nutrients and glucose while throws out toxins. These cells are protected by the immune system. But as the body gets acidic, the immune system gets overpowered by the toxins and the cell loses its capacity to take in oxygen. Thus, healthy cells die in an acidic environment. To help your body become more alkaline, we give you the alkaline food list so that you will be guided in eating more alkalizing foods and lessen the consumption of acidifying foods.

The alkaline food list is a general guide for those who desire to shift their PH for a healthier body. Why? This is because a healthy cell has a pH of 7.35 while a cancer cell is more acidic. In fact, cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment but perish in an alkaline, high ph environment. An acidic body is also a sickness magnet. To maintain health, the diet should consist of 60% alkaline forming foods and 40% acid forming foods.  To restore health, the diet should consist of 80% alkaline forming foods and 20% acid forming foods.

Acid alkaline foods includes vegetables like kale, cauliflower, onions, watercress, broccoli, sprouts, asparagus, pumpkin, carrots, cucumber, cabbage, celery, chives, garlic, grasses and lettuce, eggplant, mushrooms, green beans, radish, sweet potatoes, sea vegetables and leafy vegetables. To make these vegetables more nutritious and flavorful, you can season them with alkalizing spices and seasonings such as chili pepper, cinnamon, curry, mustard, sea salt and tamari.

You can also replace chocolates and sweets with alkalizing fruits. Alkaline diet foods include apple, apricot, avocado, berries, blackberries, fresh coconut, grapes, grapefruit, melon, lime, orange, peach, watermelon, raisins, pineapples, watermelon and cherries. To complete your healthy alkaline diet, replace coffee, carbonated drinks and acidic beverages with healthier liquids like fresh fruit juice, green juices, mineral water, natural water, unpasteurized organic milk, green tea and herbal teas.

Following the list of alkaline diet foods is very essential because these foods are high in antioxidants and help in cleansing the body by washing out acidic waste caused by environmental toxins, stress, drugs, destructive substances and poor eating lifestyle. Other benefits of alkaline diet are weight loss, mental clarity, healthier bones, teeth and gums, improved immune function and reduced risk of degenerative diseases among others.

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